Programme Rep Conference

The highlight of Rep Week is Rep conference on 22nd of November 9.00am-5.00pm at Kedleston Road, Derby. For programme reps this is a fantastic opportunity to give you a variety of exclusive opportunities and reward you for volunteering in your role. This jam-packed day offers:

  • Live Panel Debate –  A unique opportunity to pose your questions to the Senior Management of Derby University!
  • Tailored workshops to help you develop your personal and employability skills which will equip you to be the best rep you can be.
  • College sessions to find out what is going on in your college.
  • Networking opportunities between yourself and other reps.
  • Free delegate bags and food and drinks throughout the day.

Transport will be provided for reps in Buxton and Chesterfield.

Schedule of the day

Time Activity Location
Welcome & Introduction
Professor Kath Mitchell Vice Chancellor and Megan Hill Vice President Academic Affairs

Morning Sessions

So you want to boss your own company?
Bruce McLeod (Careers & Employment Services)

This session will benefit any student or recent graduate interested in self-employment. We'll cover the support available through the University's Be The Boss enterprise programme along with eligibility criteria for joining. You'll also benefit from some hints and tips on starting your own business and reflect upon performing the role of rep as an individual enterprise.

Be the change you want to see - a look at organisational citizenship
Claire Ambrose (Health & Social Care)

What behaviours make a great employee or student rep? To understand the concept, behaviours and values of organisational citizenship To reflect on why is it so desirable for employers, organisations and programmes to have people who can demonstrate these behaviours To start to plan how you can develop these behaviours, becoming more skilled, better motivated and very desirable to programmes and future employers.

Making your voice heard in meetings - representation and beyond.
Bruce McLeod (Careers And Employment Services)

Develop the knowledge and skills required to be an effective rep. This session examines the different components of programme committee meetings and how these link to Quality and Continual Monitoring processes. Attending this session will give reps a better idea of how their role fits in to the bigger picture, impacts on student experience and how understanding operational processes can benefit their career.

How To Stand Out From The Crowd in The Job Market.
Lucy Dean, Katie Harrison, Daniel Woods and Charlotte Evans (Careers & Employment Services)

What does being a REP give you? What doors does it open for you in the future? How can it make you more employable? What can the Careers & Employment Service do to help support you and those you represent? These questions and more will be answered at our session: How To Stand Out From The Crowd In The Job Market! Our experienced Volunteering & Employ-ability teams will help you to identify the skills you’re using as a REP and think about how you can make the most of them so that you stand out from the crowd. Find out how you can get recognition through the Futures Award, shout about your skills and make the most of what the Careers & Employment Service can offer you.

Networking - harness the power of the "6 degrees of separation" principle
Rachel Hayward (Derby Business School)

An interactive experience to discuss the value of networking - as a rep and beyond. We will explore how to network like a professional and identify practical hints and tips for successful relationship building, harnessing the contacts they have within University of Derby before moving onto the wider community. Students will have the opportunity to determine where their warm contacts are, how to maximise the value of them and briefly practice tips gained from the session. The ability to question, listen, build rapport and relationships will be explored - highlighting key transferable skills into the role of Student Representative.

11.00–11.10am Break
College Sessions
led by (PVC) Deans & College Reps
  • Business Law & Social Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Education
  • Health & Social Care
  • Engineering & Technology
  • College of Life & Natural Sciences
  • Buxton
  • Joint Honours
  • Research Students
12.00noon–1.00pm Lunch Atrium
1.00–1.20pm Nick Speech T204

Panel Debate with University Executive

2.50–3.00pm Break

Afternoon Sessions

Responsible futures - be sustainable and successful
Rosemary Horry (Life & Natural Sciences)

This session will highlight the part you have to play in the sustainability of the University. In the courses you study and the careers you pursue you will need to consider how to work sustainably. You will reflect on sustainability as a skill for students which will be a selling point when you apply for jobs.

Repnet & Academic Societies - what Academic Learning Communities can do for you and your programme
Rhys White, Amber Danks, Jonathan Upton, Gurbeen Kaur, Scarlet Moss (Union and RepNet)

RepNet is a student society, open to all, which aims to establish a learning community for all programme & college representatives (reps) via various activities such as, trips, socials, conferences and guest speaker sessions. To enhance the skill sets of the representatives, we focus on development sessions. Academic societies aim to do the same within academic disciplines offering members the chance to develop on their course supported by and part of a wider learning community. We believe that if reps and societies work together they can make a profound impact on the student experience.

Why are employers so interested in transferable skills and where can I get some?!
Louise Pigden and Philip Hunt (Engineering & Technology)

What exactly are transferable skills? How do I know if I have them already? How will being a rep help me? How do I explain to an employer why I would be a great choice? This session will help you to reflect upon these questions and identifying next steps in developing and utilising these skills.

Getting the most from your personal tutor - work in partnership to go from struggling to surviving or succeeding to excelling
Fiona Shelton (Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching)

This session will explore the benefits and barriers to personal tutoring, drawing out what makes a great personal tutor, highly successful tutee and an effective partnership between the two. Reps will reflect on this relationship and how it compares to the one they have with students in their current role/may have with line managers in the future. Reps will explore their motivation in engaging with tutors and give their views on how personal tutoring at UoD can be improved.

From Rep to CEO: Leadership lessons to maximise your potential
Vicky Hossack (CEO of the Union of Students)

To explore the core elements of effective leadership and how they can be applied to your role as a Programme Rep. The session will ask you to assess your own leadership style and provide you with practical ideas and suggestions to take forward and support you in becoming an engaging, inspirational student leader. It is delivered by the CEO of the Union of Students, who will reflect on her own experience as a Programme Rep and how it helped to develop a career in the student movement.


Closing Buffet, Beverages and Networking

The Academy Bar

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