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    More plug sockets in the library

    • Local
    • Union of Students
    • University of Derby
    There should be more plug sockets in the library at Kedleston Road so that people can still charge their phones whilst on a computer. Especially during peak times this is an issue.
Anna Downs
5:53pm on 8 Jan 18 Definitely agree here! I think there should be plug sockets at each of the desks in the quiet study areas as I can't use my laptop there
Gareth Rafferty
12:38pm on 9 Jan 18 Agreed, especially when it is busy when deadlines approach.
Dave Lochtie
5:22pm on 12 Jan 18 THanks for your comments, we have suggested to the library and will let you know if they respond.
Gareth Rafferty
1:14pm on 13 Jan 18 Great thanks :)