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    Full time well being officers at all buildings

    • Wellbeing
    • Facilities
    • Resources
    • Advice
    • University SitesCampuses
    This started as an increasingly desperate need at OFGS, but it is applicable for all colleges away from KR. Lecturers cannot cope with the volume or issues presented to them, but have nobody to take students to for help, which in recent cases has been increasingly urgent. Students who are unable to cope within the moment simply cannot get themselves to KR to go to a stranger for help. Vote for full time well being officers at every campus.
Grace Ragosta
10:52pm on 14 Feb 20 Think this is a great idea... especially considering it took 3 months to get an appointment to talk with someone at KR
Macauley Moseley
11:04pm on 14 Feb 20 Fantastic idea. OFGS doesn’t echo the services available at other sites and most certainly KR.
Juliet Marvin
11:47am on 15 Feb 20 I'm very pleased you're doing this Jo, I battled for this this relentlessly during my time as college rep and all we managed to get was a monthly drop in which was not adequate at all! Very best of luck with it!
Joanne Easom
8:31pm on 16 Feb 20 Thank you everyone - keep drumming up support! I wish I'd known before Juliet - I will speak to Ellen too and find out if anything was done between you and me :)
Lewis Betts
9:31am on 19 Feb 20 It would be great if this could happen. We need equality and the same facilities as other campus. Great ideas.
Anna Jones
9:31am on 19 Feb 20 Yeah I agree with this, I wish for student well being to be at FG
Amber Beech
9:32am on 19 Feb 20 I agree, we could do with having well being at friar gate.
Georgia Astill
9:33am on 19 Feb 20 Full time student well-being at friar gate
Bethany Fox
9:33am on 19 Feb 20 Full time well being at Friar Gate
Hannah Purvis
9:33am on 19 Feb 20 I agree that its essential to have wellbeing at ofgs
Palmira Mincheva
9:35am on 19 Feb 20 I agree with having full time well being officers because we lack many facilities, that other campuses have, especially KR.
Joanne Easom
9:39am on 19 Feb 20 thank you everyone for the overwhelmingly fast response - I have discovered there is wellbeing close to OFGS, but it clearly isn't enough provision, bearing in mind the amount of accommodation and teaching sites at the city's edge.
Dave Lochtie
12:29pm on 30 Mar 20 Just to let you know this idea has now reached the 25 votes needed to be considered at the next Union Executive Meeting . We will update soon as soon as possible.
Dave Lochtie
7:33pm on 30 Apr 20 Thanks all for your ideas which are actively taken into account by the Union of Student Executive Committee. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Union of Students are facing unprecedented financial times with the closure of our commercial outlets. As a result a number of Union staff have been placed on furlough leave and our Full TIme Officers are responding directly to student voice related to the impact of COVID-19 on student wellbeing and experience. During this time we cannot hold a summit to review ideas and in the short term it is unlikely unrelated ideas will be actioned. They will however not be forgotten, remain live and will be returned to whenever we are able. We appreciate your patience.