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Looking forward to a bit more normality in September we’re committed to offering you a more in-person Freshers with fantastic opportunities to meet new people and socialise, express yourself and your identity, join a vibrant student community, and fulfil your potential.

Regardless of the situation, and whether you’re after activities, representation, volunteering opportunities, employability, or advice, we’ll be here for you throughout your studies.

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You can buy an official Freshers Wristband for £20 – meaning if you attend just four of our clubnights you've made your money back.

Turn up to all 12 and you've already saved a whopping £40! And that's not including all the other benefits of being a wristband holder like cheap food at our Hip Hop Brunches and more!

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What's on?

Your Union will be hosting a variety of fun, engaging, and inclusive events to help you feel refreshed and welcomed back this semester.

Freshers is not just for new students – there will be loads of opportunities for new and returning students to get involved, with a line-up of events perfect for everyone.

Upcoming Events

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Hey, how's it going?

We’re the Union of Students and we exist to represent you, help you, and provide you with opportunities to make your experience here the best it can be.

We’re run by students, for students. Literally. Four students help to run the whole organisation on behalf of the student body, they’re supported by other students that work part-time on specific areas that we think are important to you.

They’ve all been in your shoes so know just what you need to make your time here unforgettable!

Your four Officer Trustees

Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's often lots of questions on your mind when you start Uni, and the unique situation we are in currently can cause a little worry. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below, simply click or tap on a question to see the answer.

How do I/do I have to join the Union?

When you enrol with the University you become a member of the Union. This will give you access to all of our services, events and activities. At the point of enrolment you can opt out of your membership and you can find out more about this process in our Standing Orders.

How do I meet people?

There will be lots of opportunities to meet new people during your studies. You will meet people on your programme of course, but there are many other great ways to meet like-minded students. We suggest you take a look at our range of sports clubs or societies to find out about different groups you can join. If you have a particular interest that isn’t covered, then get in touch with us to set up your very own group.

The Union also runs a variety of events throughout the year, this starts with our Freshers programme above.

How do I log in to buy a ticket?

This year we're also working in partnership with a company called Native to offer you some great events. If you're interested in one of these events you'll be taken to our sister site to sign up – you'll need to create an account with them to book your tickets. You can regsiter with any email address, but we'd suggest using your Derby Unimail address if possible.

If the event you're interested in is hosted by us, you can simply log in to the site at (there will also be a link to the login page on every ticketed event hosted by us if you're not already logged in) with your student number and University password. If you’ve not got these yet, or you’ve only got them recently you may not be able to link your University and Union accounts yet, so you’ll need to create a guest account (from the same login page) to book any tickets until the accounts can be linked.

How do I know if it's an official Union event?

All Union of Students events can be found here on our official website, or on our sister site at New events are being added all the time so check back regularly for the latest updates.

Do the events cost money?

Many of our online Freshers events are free to attend, but most of our evening events will have a small ticketing fee – if you plan to attend a lot of our events then buying a Wristband may reduce the overall cost for you.

Some Society or Sports Club (GIAG) events may also have a cost attached, but these will be clearly marked on the events pages when you look for more information.

Can I bring a non-student guest to an event?

Yes! You can bring up to a maximum of two guests per student to our events. You just need to sign in on the door/entrance of the event and entry will be subject to acceptable (18+ proof of age) identification.

Some Society or Sports Club (GIAG) events may also allow guests, feel free to contact the specific sports club/society for detailed information.

I’m in my third year at uni – can I come to some of the events?

Yes! All University of Derby students are welcome to attend our events!

How do I join a sports club?

We’ve got over 40 teams for you to get involved with and you can even set up something new if you think there are enough people interested.

You can find a full list of our clubs and sign upon the website. Clubs and societies offer free sessions so you can try before you join.

Do you have any non-sporting, social, groups?

Our societies help likeminded people gather and meet each other, whether you have an existing hobby or want to experience something new.

You can find a full list of our societies on the website; and if you can’t find what you are looking for you can even start your own society!

Do sports/activities cost to join?

Sports clubs and activities usually have a cost to joining to keep the club running and ensure students are safe and insured. Membership prices for each club and society will be available on the website from September.

Check out our full list of clubs and societies.

I’m struggling to settle in, is there someone I can talk to?

The Union offers a free advice service to all students. Here you can chat to one of our friendly advisors over the phone or in person.

Questions? Comments?

The first port of call if you have any questions about the Union, want to speak to any of the Officers or book an appointment with our advice team is the information point at Kedleston Road.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID19 situation our InfoPoint at Kedleston Road will be closed for a while. However, when we repoen, InfoPoint offers a small range of services to make your life that little bit easier. These include: ring binding, laminating, ticket sales, room booking (for clubs and societies), and memberships.

Until we repoen, you can still contact us with any questions or queries you have on the details below (and remember to follow the Union on Social Media so we can tell you as soon as we reopen InfoPoint).

Not on site?

No problem; contact Info Point on 01332 591507 or email

Do you Trustee us?

Every year we hold at least two elections to vote in students that will lead the Union forward for the next year.

Any student can run for one of these positions; many are part-time and can be done during your studies, but the main four officers either take a year out of their studies to work full-time (or run in their final year and start after they graduate).

It’s an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, but if you don’t feel like running for a position just make sure you vote for who you want to represent you.

Need any help?

Our advice team are focused on helping any and every student whilst studying at Derby.

We understand that students may encounter some difficulties, and no matter how big or small – we’re here to help!

Book an appointment by calling 01332 591507 or through our website We can help with a range of issues including:

Academic Offences
Academic Appeals
(Free condoms, dams, and lube)
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TOTUM discount card from NUS

Who loves saving money?

You can buy an NUS TOTUM card, saving you all the monies on your online and highstreet shopping.

At only £14.99 for one year it’s a great bargain!

Just download the app for your phone and you can start enjoying TOTUM Lite for some free discounts – or you can purchase a card to access them all!

Get it on Google Play

You wanna tell us what to do?

Change is at the heart of everything we do; and you are at the heart of every change we make.

The Ideas Forum

Change starts with one thing – a great idea. If you’re one of those people with a great idea then head to our website at and let us know what it is! No idea is too big or too small. If other students like your idea then the Union will strive to make it happen for you.

Academic Representation

We work closely with the University and our officers and reps sit on almost all of the decision making groups in the University.

This means that, through our Academic Rep Scheme, if you want to change your course or something about the University then we can represent you and pass on your views to the people who make the decisions.

You can find the rep for your course, or find out how to become one on our website.

Annual General Meeting

Every year we have a huge meeting where you can come and hear about what’s changed, tell us what you want to change, and even vote on what changes should happen.

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    Extra No 4 bus

    • Facilities
    • Buses
    • Opportunities
    • Seating
    • Travel and Parking
    It's time to have more than one number 4 bus running. (The size of the 4a makes it pointless). Over the past couple of years, it's gone from being able to catch the no 4 with no issues to now having people stood (and falling) in the aisle of the bus. The number of people trying to use the bus this year means that you usually have to wait for it to do another circuit before you're able to fit in, and even then it's too full to be able to get off at your stop as people are filling the aisle.
Emma Reason
6:04pm on 15 Oct 19 Agree, weather is rubbish at the minute, it's no fun waiting in the rain for the bus then the 4A turns up and you don't fit on. I think for peak times the 4A should be replaced with a normal sized bus.
Sarah Cooke
11:25pm on 21 Oct 19 I agree Emma

Need any essentials?

Your Union of Students runs two commercial venues and two convenience shops providing you food, drinks, supplies, and some entertainment too!

We have a shop at the Kedleston Road, and Markeaton Street sites. Both selling a range of food, drinks, convenience items, and clothing; we hope you’ll have access to everything you need on site in between your lectures.

We even have an online shop too, so you can get a hoodie delivered directly to your door!

Blends is our Union coffee shop and offers everything from hot and cold drinks to breakfast, snacks, and sandwiches. Plus an amazing selection of cake, muffins, and biscuits! We have a Blends at Kedleston Road and also at One Friar Gate Square – in case you’re not on the main site and want a caffiene fix.

Campus Kitchen is our mobile food trailer that provides great food across campus, perfect when you need to grab something special after some serious studying.

Want to play for us?

The Union of Students activities team coordinates all of the competitive sports at the University and supports all of our teams.

Most of our clubs give you the opportunity to play sport competitively as well as socially. The British Universities and Colleges (BUCS) league allows many teams to compete against other institutions to gain points for the University. Last year we were placed amongst the top 40 institutions in the country!

We’ve got over 40 teams for you to get involved with and you can even set up something new if you think there are enough people interested. You can find a full list of our clubs on the website.

Looking for like-minded friends?

The Union of Students activities team also coordinates all of the social societies at the Union and supports their members.

We have a massive choice of almost 100 societies to get involved with – whether you’re into Accounting, Medieval Reenactment, Poetry or eSports we’ve already got you covered. You can even start a new society for almost any interest.

Being part of a society is a great way to meet like-minded people, new friends, and have some downtime from your studies. You can find a full list of our societies on the website.