Candidate for the position of Theatre - Treasurer

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Mx Ashley Harker

My Manifesto.

Ashley Harker.


I am currently in my first year of a three-year History course. Over that past few months that I have attended the Theatre society and will be playing the part of Basil Hallward in the upcoming performance: 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray'. As a part of this society I have felt far more comfortable with myself as a person and felt far more capable of being the person that I am. I feel that continuing as a member of this society I can continue this trend in myself and also help other around me inside and outside the society. I have a good sense of humour and an adept level conversationalist. I enjoy all things Marvel, Game of Thrones, so much more, and writing. I am also analytical, hardworking and will make it my goal to try and increase the membership to the Society. I am also good in a managerial role, having helped run my local delegation of the children's youth group; The Woodcraft Folk, for a year prior to coming to Uni, and can put these skills to good use as Treasurer. I can also make plans, bookings and organise events for the society.   

 My Pledges

To manage the Theatre Society accounts and hope to end the year solvent.

To work to the best of my ability to represent the Theatre society, the larger Student body and the University.

I am willing to direct the next years production and have some ideas on what it could be.

I am willing to write the script for next years production.