Annual General Meeting

Tue 24 April 2018 12:30-13:30, To Be Confirmed

Our next AGM will be on the 24th April at 12.30pm. It should only take an hour or so, but would like to discuss future projects, fundraising, the armed forces days- which will be a great opportunity for people to put on their CVs and all members are welcome to participate.

Also, we will be discussing the futures award and how to sign up. The social secretary post hasn't been filled for next year- if anyone would like to do this role please have a think before the next meeting?

It would be great to keep members and get new ones for next year, its so important to us to hear your views on how we go about this and have discussions around activities you feel would be good. These don't have to be armed forces related, but things members have a joint interest in.

People's membership has meant a lot to us this year, and like any new project it has took a bit of time to set up, but we will get there!

Please come along to this meeting if you would like to know more about the society and what we do!