Introducing the Union - we are vibrant

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Some Union representatives working at Freshers Fair

We are your Union and we are vibrant. We are not run of the mill, we offer a variety of activities and opportunities to wow!

Our goals, as an organisation, are to:

  • Create a vibrant student community that you are proud to belong to
  • Provide transformative learning experiences in active partnership with the University
  • Develop your skills and confidence to take your next steps and remain ready to support you
  • Create the change you want by championing your voice to the University

If you see bright colours online or around campus, it's likely to be one of our messages or promotions. Our primary colour pallete is made up of 16 awesome, vibrant, colours that might just stop you in your tracks, hold your attention for just long enough, and communicate our key messages in a bold and beautiful way.

CEO Vicky Hossack says:

My favourite of our brand colours is the's the colour I most associate with our earliest use of the new brand. It represents a new start, a new day and shouts loud about who we are!

Student Actitivies Manager Dan Bowden adds;

I love sky blue - one of my favourite colours and I always liked to see it used in Union promotions.

Student Voice and Development Manager Dave Lochtie loves our red;

It's because of the rep t-shirts - when everyone wore them at Rep Conference, it was wall-to-wall Union branding and it really felt like the Union was not an organisation but an 'us'; a collective of people.

Societies Coordinator Joanna Lewis is a fan of the dark blue:

Teal is a really calming colour and it incorporates the two things I love about nature, the greens of the plants and the blue of the water. It's also the colour of my living room!

Nina Cupric, your new Vice President (Education) is a fan of our purple:

Purple – I dont have a deep Union related reason, it's just my favourite colour

Emily Lane, your new Vice President (Welfare) also has a favourite:

Yellow – it's my favourite colour ??

Head of Membership, Suzy Stevenson says:

Aqua green - green is my favourite colour anyway as it pretty to look at and is the colour of renewal, growth, nature and energy. All the things that the Union means for our students in terms of transforming their student experience

Which is your favourite and why?

Light Blue
Mid Blue
Sky Blue
Dark Blue
Straw Yellow
Lime Green
Aqua Green
Silver Grey
Fire Orange
Bright Red
Magenta Pink
Light Purple
Dark Purple


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