A thank you from your Union President

Your President Jack reflects on Freshers Fair and the first week of Freshers.

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Jack, with a stick and shield, fighting with the Medieval Reenactment Society

I won’t pretend that on Monday morning I was filled with a feeling of uncertainty as freshers kicked into action. What will it be like? How many people will turn up? Will everyone get involved?

I now realise that I had nothing to worry about. Students are amazing. This week you have turned up in force!

I have attended three Freshers Fairs as a student, and I am so pleased to say that this year’s was the best one ever. The amount of new and returning students that have been meeting new people, trying new things, making new friends, and getting involved is simply amazing. I was asked this morning if I could pick a highlight and I honestly couldn't pick one single moment so I hope you’ll indulge me as I share a few;

On Monday night, Derby was visited by the first ever Ru Queen. Cheryl Hole performed on the stage here at Kedleston Road and diverse body of 300 students both new and returning shared an evening of fun performances. Not only were students lip syncing for their lives but they also listened to some poetry, which sparked so many conversations.

I also spent some time on Saturday at the Welcomefest BBQ and I spoke to a few students who had just moved into halls and had come to get a burger and a drink on their own. I have since seen several of these students in big groups, really look like they are having the times of their lives – and for me this is what freshers is about – meeting me people.

And finally, yesterday, the Union Advice service held an Alice in Wonderland Tea party. While drinking tea I saw groups of friends talk to other groups and expand their circles. There was electric conversation about all the events that had attended, and everyone enjoyed sharing their stories from this week.

Several people spoke to the officer team this week and genuinely told us that this Freshers has been the best Freshers yet and for us this makes this job worthwhile.

The Union have put so much effort and love into the preparations for Freshers and to see students enjoying themselves is all we could ask for. If this has been the start of the year, I cannot wait to se how the rest goes.

Freshers still isn’t over, there is so much still going on and I want to encourage you to take more opportunities when they arise. Its all for you – the students.

As I always say on a Friday….Have a wonderful weekend.

Your President – Jack x


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