How I got involved and became a rep and hero!

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The start of term is truly hectic. New students begin to adjust to their new schedule and timetables, whilst cramming as much societies and social events as humanly possible. Either it be signing up for sports teams, academia clubs or if nothing takes your fancy you can even create one! (That’s true, we have a Quidditch team).
We know that many freshers go through the exact same worries, struggles and anxieties whilst settling in. Therefore, we have a variety of programmes put in place inside the University such as the Union of Students, Welcome Heroes and Programme Reps to aid each student’s concerns. The work that we do here is to make your University experience go as smoothly as possible. This is why we are asking you to get involved. Each course should have a representative put in place to be a voice for each student and lecturer inside and outside of the classroom. 

Recently members of the Union have been visiting a mass number of classrooms to discuss how important a Programme Rep is to a course. Alongside the important duties the rep will handle including attending meetings to discuss what amendments needs to be made to the system. There are plenty of enjoyable things that come with the title as well. Being a part of a team that want change and have the power to make it, alongside being able to participate in a variety of enjoyable socials to help network and most importantly make friends.

There is power in numbers which is why here at the Union our aim is to get everybody involved from each course around the university. As a current member of the programme I know how enjoyable it is. Not only is it rewarding and will help you stand out on your CV, becoming a Programme Rep will help you meet new people and jump into something you have not tried before. 

Everybody is welcome to join, all you have to do is speak to your tutor regarding your interest in becoming the Programme Representative, if there is more than one person interested in the post we at the union will look into running an election during one class. This is where we at the union would come into one of your classes to run an election and ask for your classmates to vote on who they believe would be the most suitable candidate to become your programme rep. 

We want committed members who will be able to attend multiple meetings and socials to share your views on behalf of your classmates. If you think this post matches your credentials and would be something you are interested in feel free to contact the person who puts this all together. Just contact Stephanie via Facebook or through her email which is: Steph will be happy to give you more information and help answer any queries or questions regarding the post in particular any concerns that may arise. 

As somebody who has recently gotten involved in volunteering as a Welcome Hero (that's me bottom left in the photo) and a Programme Representative it is a rewarding process, not only because you receive certain gifts such as a free Union Freshers wristband or University jumper for helping out as a Welcome Hero. Being part of these programmes, you are then granted access to apply for a Futures Award, which enables your extra-curricular to go onto your graduate certificate to help you stand out to future employers.

Join us and help us help you! Find out more, including how you can find out who was elected to represent your academic interests, suggest ideas to our ideas forum or involved yourself via the link - be the change you want to see. 


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