Union Elections 2022: your vote counts

Vote for the candidates that you want to represent you during your time at the University of Derby.

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Change is at the heart of everything we do, and you are at the heart of every change we make.

The Union Elections 2022 voting period opens at 12.00pm today. This is your opportunity to vote for candidates whose manifesto aims align with your values and needs at University. Voting closes at 12.00pm on Friday, so be quick, and don't miss out on having your voice heard.

Each candidate has put themselves forward to represent students, enact change and improve student life for now, and for the future. Every vote matters - and as an added bonus, you'll be entered into a draw to win a fantastic cash prize! The more students that vote, the bigger the cash prize will be.

Our Debate Society are also hosting an event on Wednesday, giving students the chance to watch candidates get quizzed on common issues that students face - with candidates replying back with how they would go about solving those issues.

To find out more go to derbyunion.co.uk/elections

Don't forget: Save the date for Results Night, in our brand new social space - Basecamp - on Friday 11th March to find out who your officer team for next year will be. Everyone's welcome to attend or access the livestream online!


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