Top 10 reasons you NEED to come to Summit

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A silhouette of a ballot being cast into a ballot box

Stop what you're doing. Stop right now. Summit is coming.

Summit is a meeting where ideas from our Ideas Forum which reached over 25 votes go to be voted on a final time! Join us on 12th February, 2.00pm-4.00pm in OL2 at Kedleston Road Campus to have your say.  This Summit the ideas you can vote on are as follows:

And here are ten reasons why you absolutely can't miss this:

  1. Your vote can change the future - when something passes at Summit, the Union is bound to action that change for three full years! So not only can you reap the benfits, but future students can too. 
  2. It's your last chance - This is the last round of voting. This is the final step in the decision-making process. This is your last chance to decide if you want something to pass, or if you think tution fees could be better spent on something else.  
  3. Stop silly ideas - Don't like an idea? Then stop it in its tracks. This is your chance to vote 'no' and ensure that something you don't think is quite right or isn't a good use of funds doesn't get passed. 
  4. Make your dreams a reality - That dream change to your University experience can happen right here at Summit, but we've got to get the votes to make it happen. If you don't show up to vote, you could miss our on your dream change becoming a reality. So come along, vote 'yes' to what you want and watch those dreams come true right before your eyes. 
  5. We love your ideas - You showing up in voting in big numbers shows them how much you care and gives weight to the idea and ensures the University know that you really want these changes. The more of you the are, the more votes there are, the stronger our argument becomes. 
  6. Debate the fate and make things great - You don't just get to vote yes or no, you'll debate with those in the room the pros and cons of the idea. You're free to speak openly and frankly, so say what you really feel and you might just change the minds of those around you.
  7. Free Donuts. Free. Donuts. FREE DONUTS. Need we say more?
  8. Hear the other side - You may go in to the Summit meeting thinking you feel very strongly one way about something, but hearing the other side to the argument may change your mind. Summit is a great meeting for expanding your horizons and hearing different opinions. 
  9. Electronic Voting - None of this hands up and waiting for someone to count malarky, we use fancy technology so you can vote instantly and have the result in seconds. Just make sure you bring a phone, tablet, or laptop with you. 
  10. Free Donuts. I know we already said this one, but it's really good. 

Summit is open to all students and the more the merrier - so just show up on the day, claim your donut and get voting!


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