Fridays for Future

Fridays for Future is a society with the purpose of bringing attention to current environmental issues the world is facing, education students on ways how they can help and hold events focused on a sustainable future.

The events which are in plan for this semester: Tree Planting Day, Clean-ups of City, joining Official Global Climate Strike, Vegan Cooking Session and much more.

We are also trying to collaborate with local businesses and projects that promote sustainability and eco-friendly way of living in the City (example: The Down to Earth Project in Derby).

We are more than grateful for every each of our member so if you are interested and want to join us let any of our committee members know and you can come and have Give it a Go.

If you are already a member join this closed facebook page:

and just let us know and we will add you to the private Facebook group chat just for members of the society.

Also, we have an open Facebook website: