First Love

First Love believes that many young people have great leadership potential which is often untapped. These young people with great talents and potential end up wasting their lives because they are attracted to and pulled away into violence, immorality, drugs and other vices.

FL believes  the world needs leaders and not just leaders but good leaders, full of integrity, honesty and moral rectitude, Leaders who will live exemplary and challenging lives. We believe that young people have the power to change the world and make it a better tomorrow for the current and coming generations. The key aspect is the development of God fearing leaders, subscribing to the principle of servant hood leadership style initiated and demonstrated by the Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome all people ( university of Derby students) from all the different walks of life and have no membership restrictions.


The committee and members are still brainstorming on what activities to embark on and we will update once the consultative process is completed


We meet on Thursdays from 1600hrs @ Kedleston campus