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What is Consent?

Consent looks like:

  • Enthusiastically saying “yes!”
  • Talking to your partner about what you do and don't want, and listening to them in return
  • Checking in with your partner – “Is this OK? Do you want to slow down? Do you want to stop?”
  • Respecting someone’s choice if they say “no” – never trying to change their mind or put pressure on them

Consent does not look like:

  • Feeling like you have to agree to sex because you are worried about your partner’s reaction if you say “no”
  • Someone having sex with you when you are asleep or unconscious
  • Someone carrying on with sexual activity despite your non-verbal cues – for example, if you pull away, freeze, or seem uncomfortable
  • Someone assuming that you want to have sex because of your actions or what you are wearing (for example, flirting, accepting a drink, wearing a short skirt)
  • Someone assuming that because you have had sex with them before, you want to have sex again
  • Someone removing a condom during sex, when you have only agreed to sex when using one

Sexual activity without consent is sexual violence. (Source:

Union Advice Service

The Union of Student’s Advice Service is free, confidential and independent. If you would like to contact an Advisor you can do this through infopoint, via live chat, email, or phone call. There are further details on the Advice webpage. Advisors offer private appointments on weekdays and can signpost to specialist external resources.

Report and support

The University of Derby recognises the importance of students' safety, on and off campus. We aim to ensure students and staff can access appropriate advice and guidance.

Report and Support is on online system for staff and students to report incidents either anonymously or by requesting contact and further support from a University Adviser.

Share your Experiences

Be a part of our project to have a diverse set of students read out your anonymous experiences on camera; to increase awareness of consent and connect with each other.

Share you experience(s) of when your consent hasn’t been given. All submittings are anonymous, and no personal contact details will be shared.

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