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Exclusive sponsorship

Become the exclusive sponsor for the largest event in our calendar! This is the event tailored to the new intake we will be welcoming in September – and any other students that want to come and join the fun. This is the perfect opportunity to get your brand noticed by our students, and make your mark on a buzzing and unforgettable event.

Here's what's included:

  • Logo on the dates of the Freshers Fair on academic wall planners that will be installed in every room in student halls
  • Logo on the front cover of 2,500 Freshers Fortnight events guide (to be distributed during the Freshers Fair)
  • Logo on the Freshers Fair event in the Freshers Fortnight events guide
  • Full page advertisement in the Freshers event guide (A5)
  • Premium stall (2 tables) for both days of fair
  • Distribution of promotional materials (up to A5 size) in 2,500 welcome bags
  • 2 Instagram stories (one on each day of the event)
  • 1 Facebook, 1 Instagram Story, and 1 Twitter (X) post during Freshers Fortnight
  • Freshers Fortnight web banner OR Freshers Fortnight digital screens around campus

Price £3,950

Freshers Fair stalls

Our Freshers Fair is always a big hit with our students. Becoming a stallholder is a great way to have meaningful face to face interactions, develop relationships with potential customers and hand out promotional materials and branded freebies.

Don’t just take our word for it

90% of stallholders would return to have a stall at future Freshers Fairs**

90% of stallholders would recommend having a stall at the Freshers Fair to other businesses**

Stall Prices

Freshers Fair Stall Prices
Stall Type 1 Day 2 Day
Premium Stall £800 £1,100
Standard Stall £600 £900
Charity Stall £300 £350

Stall packages

Premium stall package

£2,500 (usual price £3,600 – save 30%)

  • Premium double stall at Freshers Fair on both days
  • Premium double stall at January Freshers (Jan 2024)
  • Distribution of promotional materials (up to A5 size) in 2,500 welcome bags
  • One Facebook, one Instagram Story, and one Twitter (X) post during Freshers Fortnight

Standard stall package

£1,350 (usual price £1,800 – save 25%)

  • Standard stall at Freshers on both days
  • Standard stall at January Freshers (Jan 2024)
  • One Facebook, one Instagram Story, and one Twitter (X) post during Freshers Fortnight

Freshers Wallplanners

Our academic wall planners are a fun way to help our students keep track of deadlines (and the best nights out!)

We will be installing wall planners in every University-owned undergraduate flat, ready for when students move in. This provides an exciting opportunity to position your business on the walls of around 1,900 students for the whole academic year.

  • Standard advertisement (7cmx7cm) - £400
  • Premium advertisement (7cmx14.6cm – landscape) - £600

Freshers Guide

Our Freshers guide is the ultimate source of Freshers knowledge. It highlights the must-see Union Freshers events around Derby, hosted by our partner venues across the city. Last year we distributed over 2,000 events guides straight into the hands of students, so this is a prime opportunity to get your business noticed!

  • Full page (A5) - £800
  • Half page (A6) - £500

Welcome bags

Our Freshers welcome bags are always a favourite of our students’. On entrance to the Freshers Fair, students are gifted a Union tote bag filled with branded goodies, student deals and free samples. We’d love to have your brand represented in the 2,500 bags we plan to distribute this year!

Leaflet distribution

Have your leaflets/paper promotional materials (up to A5 size) distributed in 2,500 welcome bags.

Price £350*

Product distribution

To bring even more value to our students, this year we are offering free product distribution in our welcome bags.

If you can supply 2,500 units of a physical, branded, product we will distribute them in our bags completely free of charge!

Partners that supply products can also supply leaflets (up to A5 size) and we will include these in the bags too, free of charge.

Price Free**

*partner is responsible for design, production, and delivery costs to the Union offices

**type of product supplied must be agreed with the Union in advance to avoid overlap with other partners. Partner is responsible for design, production, and delivery costs of the products.