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Welcome to the Ideas Forum! This is a place where you can submit any idea for change about your university experience or vote and comment on existing ideas. Have a look at the ideas that are already on here to see the sort of things that students are proposing!

If you can get at least 25 other students to vote for your idea, the Union officers are then able to consider it. Don't stop at 25 though - the more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try to action it!

Once an Idea has reached at least 25 up-votes, it will be sent to Executive Committee and/or Student Summit which are meetings where Union staff and students discuss, vote on and potentially action your idea. So don't hold back, let us know what you want us to do! (You can even post anonymously if you prefer to)

The Ideas Forum is such a direct and effective way to get your voice heard and you can use it as many times as you like during your studies - we know that your needs and wants change year on year, so use the Ideas Forum to reflect the current issues you are facing and let us know what it is you care about.

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    Longer Opening Hours at Markeaton Street at Weekends

      Currently, the Markeaton Street site is only open 10 - 5 on Saturday and 12 - 5 on Sunday. As this site has a wide array of specialist software and equipment that is often unavailable outside of University, many students would benefit from the site being open for longer on the weekends. Therefore, I feel that the open hours should be extended to at least the same as those at Brittania Mill if not the same as Keddleston road.
    Mateo Ceballos Querol
    11:13pm on 28 Jun 18 Hi there! Thanks for this. As PTO (college rep) for engineering and technology next year (18-19) I can and will definitely look into it to see what can be done.