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    Creche/Childcare facility at the University

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    A much needed Creche/Nursery facility at the University. I know this has been debated before, but i feel with all the investment currently happening there is room for such a facility. This could also benefit teaching studenta as a potential placement. Unused space at bridge street could be considered.
Lauren Irving
2:06pm on 18 Oct 18 I agree with this! Would massively benefit parents!
Joanna Wilkinson
5:06pm on 18 Oct 18 100% agree. Feel they could also use the facility for training too. I really struggled to sort care for my 4 month old baby. It's hard to leave them and I feel having them close by could also help breastfeeding mums too x
Luka Knezevic
9:39pm on 18 Oct 18 Agreed, a few people on my course have come to me to bring up difficulties of arranging child care in regards to certain course times. I think this would be a smashing idea.
Lily Smith
9:42pm on 18 Oct 18 This could be amazing for parents to get more out of study and also open up jobs for qualified students, really would be great all round
Amy Clewlow
9:42pm on 18 Oct 18 This would be amazing for School half terms.
Ptarmigan Plowright
9:44pm on 18 Oct 18 This would be of great value to student parents, particularly single student parents, who struggle with childcare.
Aimee Pressley
10:07pm on 18 Oct 18 Agreed I think this will be greatly beneficial to parents
Victoria Dickerson
10:38pm on 18 Oct 18 There are many people who I imagine would benefit from this. I can think of several on my course. Great idea
Tracey Wright
6:48am on 19 Oct 18 This is a fantastic idea. So many parents struggle to find childcare.
Rachel Nurse
7:16am on 19 Oct 18 Absolutely, it is a struggle especially when some lectures are scheduled to finish at 8pm
Rachel Kennedy
4:35pm on 19 Oct 18 As a 3rd year who travels from Sheffield each day, I would have found this ideal for me and my little girl. I could have spent more time on site and not had to work to pay for a babysitter as well as childcare (which finance provide). Great discussion point :-)
Jason Middleton
2:18pm on 20 Oct 18 I have a 1 and a 2 year old and yes this would be a massive help.
Sammie Hilton
5:56pm on 21 Oct 18 Great idea not only for parents but for students looking for work experience
Jayne Le Grice
8:51pm on 21 Oct 18 Excellent idea!
Charlotte Dalton
1:44pm on 22 Oct 18 I study on the Buxton Campus and would benefit from this 100%. My daughter is in a nursery (that both her and myself love don't get me wrong) but it's expensive, and sometimes when i have group work I just need somewhere do drop her off for an hour or two!!
Lucy Ellen Bellchambers
4:08pm on 22 Oct 18 This would be fantastic, particularly during school holidays, would encourage more parents to go back to study. I'm currently manically trying to organise child care for half term!
Joanna Dunn
10:42pm on 22 Oct 18 As a single parent who's commuting into Derby for uni this would be amazing, especially with later afternoon/ early evening lectures when its harder to get childcare and also during school holiday periods.
Laurie-Leigh Delaney-Duffield
2:29pm on 23 Oct 18 this would be brilliant especially in half-term and for some lecture times, i'm finding it hard for the care in late afternoons/early evening.
Heather Leonard
9:15pm on 23 Oct 18 100% this! I'm a postgraduate studying at Brit mill and am only able to fund childcare to cover my uni day and 2 days placement. I have used the parent/baby room in keddi library but it was extremely difficult still as I have no support and gave up studying as my 1yo needed my attention. Having an actual onsite creche, especially on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at an affordable cost to undergrads and postgrads alike, would be amazing and an absolute life saver! Currently I am only really able to study and do written work throughout the night, ultimately this impacts upon how I cope the next day after little to no sleep. The student parent society which used to exist fought hard for this only to keep being fobbed off, it's time that the university of Derby stepped up and included on site childcare for parents, we deserve the chance to progress and learn just as much as the younger students!
Joanne Easom
6:19am on 25 Oct 18 Open in to the early evening as well. Often the struggle is for childcare outside of working or school hours.
Fatmah Abdulaziz
10:46pm on 26 Oct 18 Yes would be so great especially for those of us who have evening classes.
Hannah Whittaker
9:01pm on 31 Oct 18 I agree with this, especially for those parents who live outside of Derby, who struggle to keep to the times of standard day nurseries (7.30am-6pm).
Kirti Paik-Inkar
11:15pm on 2 Nov 18 I agree !! I am afull time student and I would appriciate having this support while I am studying !!
Marcela Watkinson
9:06pm on 6 Nov 18 Great idea. It would be even better if it's available in a drop in session, once registered as student, teacher or staff. Come weeks 9 to 12, it's so hard to find extra childcare for the non agreed hours of work, that I need for exams and finals.
Jonathan Watkinson
12:24pm on 18 Jan 19 An amazing Idea hope it comes to fruition