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    Double decker buses between 8-9am for no.6 route

    • Travel and Parking
    8-9am is like rush hour for students when going to uni, so by having double decker buses during this time slot will allow students to not have to leave as early to ensure they will actually get on the bus.
Jake Mander
4:29pm on 29 Nov 18 I think the uni has already discussed this with both the union and the bus provider. All in all you get about 8 more extra students on the bus when you use a double decker. I think realistically, they'd have to run shorter routes and more busses to solve this problem.
Scarlet Moss
11am on 3 Apr 19 Hey! So, as Jake has said, unfortunately putting on double-deckers will not aid the busy morning schedule, as they can only hold a few more students than a regular bus, but they also take longer to load and complete the desired route. The Annual Bus Review meeting has recently taken place, at which I presented a 20 page paper entailing the student feedback we have collected over the past year. The outcome from this is that the University Estates department (responsible for the buses) are currently putting together a business case to apply for more funding for the bus service, so that going forward, the service can better serve the student body :-) VP Education