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    SCRAP late night lectures, seminars and workshops

    • Wellbeing
    • Facilities
    • Buses
    • Education
    • Resources
    • Studies
    • Travel and Parking
    • Accessibility
    Late night lectures are an absolute bother! The lack of buses, lack of childcare, other life commitments, and the fact that not all lectures are recorded and uploaded to panopto all points to the fact that they are not efficient. I am a mature single parent student and due to childcare only being available until 18:00 I am currently self-teaching an entire module as well as missing 2 seminars per week! Late night lectures should be reconsidered for many reasons...
Laura Maher
12:57pm on 17 Oct 19 Hi Carla! Just a bit of information around this - This has been raised before with the University recently and they explained that we are a 9-9 campus and that all university lectures would not be able to fit in to shorter hours (with room availability etc.) so evening lectures would have to continue. This isn't to dissuade you from raising the question again however!
Luis Borton
10:47pm on 24 Oct 19 Sleep chronotypes should be taken into account,