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    cheaper food and more options

    • Food and Drink
    Food is so expensive selling at prices which are above usual price. when in uni 9-7 and looking for options on a budget there is not much to nothing available. who wants to prepare and bring in to uni breakfast, lunch and dinner
Nathan Fowkes
7:48am on 9 Dec 19 I think the main thing i thibk is things like meal deals. I know if im at brit mill/ markeaton street, if you have ANYTHING other than a basic sandwich (such as ham, or cheese and tomato) as a meal deal you can pay well over a fiver if you fancied a wrap, or a premium sandwich, when i could walk up the road 5 minutes to the co op and have whatever i wanted as a meal deal for a flat £3.50, which doesnt really encourage spending at uni cafes. While were on this one, theres no 'quick coffee' machines (yknow the ones, stick the cuo under the nozzle and pick what youd like by pressing a button) at brit mill anymore, which means you have to wait longer, and pay more for a coffee (not complaining about the quality, just sometomes you wanna be in and out, yknow?) Supported.
Wayne Christian McFarland
11:23am on 31 Jan 20 I agree with this, and also have the shelves stocked up. I have gone into kedleston store and the shelves have been pretty empty. I would be good to have more variety as well as better pricing.
Jo Easom
10:11pm on 11 Feb 20 I agree with this too. OFGS students are not encouraged to eat at Blends either by the selection or the prices.