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    Better academic representation for Joint honours

    • Education
    • Assignments and Exams
    • Representation
    • Lectures and Lecturers
    • University SitesCampuses
    Joint honours students are often left in the dark about what they can and cannot do at university, especially those at One friar gate square and Brit mill. There has been several issues when it comes to modules overlapping and timing as a lot of joint honours students have to travel from one site to another within the space of five minutes, meaning they are likely to be late to their lecture. Another issues is that joint honour assessment dates do often fall on the same day adding extra stress
Dave Lochtie
8:14am on 3 Apr 20 Thank you for this which is very much appreciated. We have had a vacancy for Part Time Officer for Joint Honours for most of this year. Elina Ivanova Hristova has been elected to the position for next year and will sit on an Advisory Board with the University that raises exactly these things. There is a Facebook group for Joint Honours which you may wish to join ...and attempts to get a Joint Honours Society off the ground.