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  • -2 score
    6 votes

    Add double decker buses for uni buses

    • Transport and Parking
    • University SitesCampuses
    The unibuses in the morning get very full and are late most times, so adding double deckers more regularly allows double the number of students to get on one bus, instead of waiting for single buses that you might not get on
Martin Beaumont
7:58am on 5 Mar 20 Good Morning and thanks for your post. Despite the perception that double decker buses hold double the number of people, they actually only hold 7 more than a standard single decker bus and take longer to load and unload. Legally more people can stand on a single decker bus, whereas they cannot on upper decks, therefore the occupancy figures aren't as large as people can anticipate.
Ashleigh Clark
5:35pm on 5 Mar 20 Thank you for the feedback! I didn’t know that, I will feed that back to the students who asked me about it! Thank you