New Students, PAL is here to support you!

This year we've launched an all new Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme. Peer Assisted Learning is where a PAL Leader (a student in year 2+) supports students in their first year, and foundation years, within their discipline by aiding their transition to university and academic study, find out more from one of our PAL leaders in this video:

How to get involved

To get involved with PAL all you need to do is find your PAL leader and click the link to join their Teams channel.

Once there, you can ask a question to about any aspect of University Life and any support you may need with your academic studies, such as:

  • Where do I find…?
  • How do you use…?
  • And any tips for….?
  • Or specific questions about your academic studies...

Your PAL leaders are there to help you settle into university life, and to be a friendly channel of support to help you and signpost you where needed.

Why get involved?

We strongly advise joining this scheme as it has so many benefits:

  • Advice and tips from students who have been in your position
  • Support from a peer, (so you can feel confident in asking any question relating to your studies)
  • Tips and tricks to help you adjust to university life quicker
  • Help to cement your understanding of the support available at derby
  • Help you to meet new people in your discipline and develop your sense of community here at Derby

If you have any other questions about PAL do not hesitate to get in touch with the Union of Students via