Activities to pass the time

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Whether you're self-isolating and can't leave your home or just in lockdown and spending more time indoors, there's plenty of stuff you can do to keep entertained.

With the current situation many of our societies, and even our sports teams, are holding online and virtual events/training. You can contact each club or society through their minisites on our website for any specific information, or keep an eye out on this page for any upcoming events that are being held online.

Our student media groups from Phantom Media are also working hard delivering online content. The Phantom has released a new newspaper issue recently, Phantom Radio and Phantom TV are all student-led outlets aiming to publicise key topics and stories affecting the student body. Check out the Phantom Media website to see all the latest content!

Upcoming virtual events

Nursing Freshers Virtual Quiz
1st October 7pm - 9pm
This is an opportunity to join other students for a fun evening of quizzing. The quiz will be made up of three general knowledge rounds and you will be provided with a link to your answer sheet on the night. The event will be held using Zoom
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Give it a Go | ATTR – Virtual (online) Event

Staff recommendations

Outlast 2

You are Blake Langermann, following a trail of clues starting with an impossible murder. Leading you to a darkness so deep that no one could shed light upon it.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Staff pick: Laura Maher, Student Voice

More info

Animal Crossing

Live life at your own pace as you garden, fish, decorate, hunt for bugs and fossils, get to know the animal residents, and more.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Staff pick: Nina Cupric, VP (Education)

More info


The Japanese Emperor has entrusted his court members with the task of caring for his Panda. The player who manages his land plots best, will win the game.

Platform: Board game, iOS, Android, PC

Staff pick: Emily Lane, VP (Welfare)

More info

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird.

Activity: Podcast

Staff pick: Laura Maher, Student Voice

More info


Greg Davies is the 'Taskmaster' in this gameshow that challenges the wit and wisdom of five comedians, who are all putting their reputations on the line.

Platform: TV, 4oD

Staff pick: Dave Lochtie, Student Voice

More info


Children start vanishing from the German town of Winden, bringing to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and the dark pasts of four families living there, and unfurling a mystery that spans four generations.

Platform: TV, Netflix

Staff pick: Holly Cole, Retail

More info

The Queen's Gambit

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.

Platform: TV, Netflix

Staff pick: Jo Lewis, Student Activities

More info

Designated Survivor

America's fate rests in the hands of a low-level official after an attack on Washington decimates the government in this gripping political thriller.

Platform: TV, Netflix

Staff pick: Lucy Reardon, Student Voice

More info

The Boys

The Boys centers on a group of vigilantes, who set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than their blue collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.

Platform: TV, Prime Video

Staff pick: Martin Beaumont, Operations

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