Food and Supplies

A person shopping in a mask

Here at the Union, we have pulled together a list of food providers who can deliver to students when isolating;

  • details independent businesses in Derby who are offering a delivery service straight to your door. Allowing you to buy from a range of local businesses - shopping local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts local communities.  
  • Domino’s is the staple food of student life. With exclusive offers that can feed the entire flat, or enough to feed you for a day or two, there’s something to suit every budget and taste (including new vegan pizza!)
  • Co-Op has come together with TOTUM, the UK’s number one student discount card and app, to offer an exclusive student offer. Students can take advantage of their deliveroo offer, providing free delivery for orders over £15 and will receive their supermarket items within two hours. TOTUM is available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store – you must have a TOTUM account to access this offer
  • Morrisons are offering a ‘Doorstep Delivery Service’ to any household that is isolating, within a 10 mile radius of a Morrisons store. Students will be charged a £2 fee for a next day delivery from a choice of 47 essential groceries, with options including milk, butter, eggs, potatoes, pasta, bananas, cornflakes and flour. To order students should call 0345 611 611 and select option 5, you will be asked to pay on your doorstep via a mobile chip and pin device – no cash accepted

Details of these services may change over time, we'll try to keep this list up to date but double check before ordering!

Support from your local Community

Across Derby, Chesterfield, and Buxton the local communities have rallied to establish support for one another. Facebook groups have been set up to allow people who are sick or in isolation to request help from their neighbours with things like:

  • Collecting shopping
  • Cooking/food delivery
  • Donations to food banks
  • Dog walking
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • A friendly phone call

To access this help or to volunteer to help others, join the relevant Facebook Group or phone or text, to either request help or offer it to others:

Area Facebook Group COVID helpline Text service for Deaf People
Derby 01332 640 000 07774 333 412

Easy food you can cook anytime

A photo of Nina

When I was a student, I spent my entire first semester eating really badly - I could only cook a small amount of things, and whenever I went to a supermarket I resembled an unsupervised three year old. It took lots of googling, endless calls to my mum and help from my friends to give me the skills and knowledge to actually cook good food!

With the addition of a global pandemic, it’s been even harder than usual to eat well - sitting on the sofa and finishing an entire box of Celebrations has seemed like the best course of action in light of what’s happening in the world. Sometimes that is ok, and exactly what’s needed - but mostly it ends up in feeling sick. Eating well has become a corner stone of selfcare for me, be that cooking a healthy meal or putting in the extra effort to make something fancy. It’s also become a fun hobby, something to occupy me during the long lockdown days.

For complete cooking novices I would recommend checking out the leaflets that Emily, the VP Education has put together - you can find them on our Instagram!

BBC Food and BBC Good Food are great for no fuss, affordable and easy to follow recipes.

MOB Kitchen is an online cooking platform whose mission is to help students and young professionals prepare restaurant-quality meals on a budget. It was started by students for students. They have also sent us a PDF of easy to follow and delicious student recipes.

These links are useful to start building your own personal recipe collection. To finish off I would recommend buying a slowcooker - it’s a great tool that enables you to cook easy and healthy meals with very little effort or involvement.

Remember to stay safe while cooking!

Nina Cupric, Vice President (Education)