Activities to encourage wellbeing

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With the new lockdown rules, and the potential for our students to be self-isolating, it's more important than ever to look after your physical, and mental, wellbeing. We've collated some resources to help you keep fit and happy in the current situation.

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Good hydration is essential for optimal health, digestion, fat loss and energy. Joe Wicks suggests investing in a good reusable metal water bottle which keeps your water fresh and cold - by carrying it with you at all times you're far more likely to drink regularly, and fill it up a few times a day.

A hydrated body is also more efficient at burning fat, so we should be aiming to drink between two to four litres a day. Hydration also helps with your digestion, so when you drink plenty of water you can feel less bloated and tired. (30 Day kick start plan, Joe Wicks, The Body Coach)

Emma Taylor, Support and Inclusion Manager
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Exercise and staying active has become more important throughout lockdown, especially as organised indoor and outdoor sport has been taken away. Whether you’re self-isolating or simply staying indoors, staying active is proven to have important physical and mental health benefits like reducing mental fatigue, improving sleep, releasing endorphins, and reducing stress.

There are several ways to stay active during this time: yoga is great if you are feeling stressed and want to relax, HIIT can help provide that quick burst of energy that you need to go about your daily activities, strength-based work can improve your mood, and even a quick walk or run has a number of benefits.

Becky O'Neill, Student Activities Administrator

Dealing with Isolation...

As someone that has had to isolate due to COVID, I wanted to share my experience and advice around coping with the difficulties that it brings.

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Alexa, set a sleep timer...

Adults need about seven to nine hours sleep a night, but getting expectations to sync up with reality can often be hard. Read an article from Jo Lewis about the importance of (and tips on) sleeping.

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Healthy Habits

Read a short article from about the links between your physical and mental health. Even if you're not an exerciseaholic, you may find some tips or motivation that could help your mental wellbeing.

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Flexibity routine

Join Tom Merrick in a 20 minute beginners flexibility and stretching routine, a great way to unwind and do some light exercise if Yoga isn't your thing.

5-minute workout

You don't need a gym to get the heart pumping. If you have an empty space at home, make it your gym with this workout for beginners.

Chocolate cupcakes

Wind down and relax with a little baking with Cupcake Jemma – with the added bonus that you get cake at the end of it all!

Online workouts

Check out various length and intensity workouts, brought to you by Nuffield Health (who run the University Sports Centre).

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Yoga with Adriene

Want to dip your toes into the world of Yoga with your newfound spare time? Try "A playlist of yoga videos suitable for young people and created to support virtual learning!" from Adriene.

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