Chinese New Year

Wed 02 February 2022 11:00-15:00, Atrium

An event organised by: Chinese

Join the Chinese Student and Scholar Association as we celebrate the Chinese New Year! We will be gathering at the Atrium for you to experience the taste and fun of the Chinese New Year! On Wednesday the 2nd February 2022, we will showcase what Chinese people do to celebrate the Chinese New Year and tell the stories behind each activity.

On the new year’s eve, the Chinese families will prepare food for the big dinner, decorate the house, enjoy the dinner with the family, and play games to wait for the new year’s day to approach. Therefore, the event is divided into three sections accordingly: food, culture, and games. At the stalls of each area, you will have opportunity to personally experience an aspect of Chinese New Year such as making Dumplings, play mah-jong, learn to use chopsticks and try to write Chinese calligraphy:

Section 1 – Food

Stall 1– Chinese Dumplings

Dumpling is the signature food of Chinese New Year, like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. At this stall, you can experience dumplings in two ways: make and taste dumplings.


Stall 2 – Chinese tea

A collection of different Chinese tea will be made on the day for you to try. We will demonstrate the process of making tea using traditional Chinese teacup and teapot.


Section 2 - Culture

Stall 3 – Chinese costume

We will be wearing traditional Chinese costumes at this stall. Come around to know about the stories and take pictures with our cardboard cut-out of traditional costumes to see how you look like wearing Chinese costumes!


Stall 4 – Chinese calligraphy

This is the place to experience Chinese calligraphy! We will show you how to write in Chinese using traditional Chinese brush pen.


Stall 5 – Papercutting

At the time of Chinese New Year, papercutting was normally put up on the window to decorate the house and wish for the best for the next year. This stall is a great opportunity for you to try out traditional Chinese papercutting! Please feel free to take home your own handcraft as souvenir!


Section 3 – Games

Stall 6 – Mah-jong

Mah-jong is a traditional Chinese game that is loved by Chinese people. It plays an important part during Chinese New Year time. At this stall, we will be teaching you how to play mah-jong and bring up the family atmosphere of Chinese New Year.


Stall 7 – Chinese shuttlecock (jianzi)

Chinese shuttlecock is a traditional Chinese sport that has a history of more than 2000 years and is still one of the most popular leisure games in Chinese parks. It can be played in pair or in group. If you are a sport person, you will love it!


Stall 8 – Chopstick game

Chopstick is the most important cutlery on a Chinese’s table. However, it is not so easy to use. At this stall, we will create a few games with different difficulty levels of using chopsticks to pick up objects, so that you can learn to use chopsticks and have some fun at the same time.


Come along to see us at the Atrium on Chinese New Year! We will be there from 11AM to 3PM. Let’s have some Chinese fun together!

  • Freshers/Refreshers