Freshers' Fortnight

The official freshers lineup for Derby

Are you ready for Freshers’ Fortnight? Follow derbyunion on and remember to hashtag #derbyfresh

Wristbands are now only on sale in person on campus. You can purchase from of InfoPoint or at wristband stand at Moving In day.

Banding together

With your union

Your wristband instantly gives you the equivalent of £60 worth of entry fees over the Freshers' Fortnight. I mean, you could pay on the door for all of the events but why not save yourself the cash and just wave your shiny new wristband at the door and walk in with that VIP feeling!

If you wanna save even more money, then you can get one of our package deals and get yourself a University hoodie and a TOTUM card (It's a discount card with loads of offers from online and highstreet retailers) as well. You'll save money over buying them separately, you'll save money with your TOTUM card, and you'll stay warm in your new hoodie. Tell us that doesn't sound awesome!?

And finally, you'll also get a book of vouchers to use over the two weeks, there's a list below if you wanna see them all.

Paper money

Buy a wristband, get vouchers

  • Free sweet potato fries (As a free upgrade on any Burger or Dog in the Academy bar)
  • Free tea or coffee (Free with any breakfast in the Academy bar)
  • Free flapjack (Free on any purchase of a large drink in Blends Coffee Shop)
  • Get a £2 pint Carling/Strongbow/Spirit & mixer (At the Wild Welcome Party)
  • £1 popcorn (At the Academy Comedy night or Outdoor Cinema night)
  • £1 cocktail (At the UV Rave)
  • BOGOF Sourz/Corkys (At the Freshers Finalé)
  • £1 pint of Carling/Strongbow/Coke (With any burger/dog in the Academy bar)
  • £5 for a burger + fries + drink (In the Academy bar)
  • Pay for a small, get a large (in Blends Coffee Shop)
  • 25% off your bill in the Academy
  • Free bus ride to the Wild Welcome Party
  • Free bus ride to the UV Rave
  • Free bus ride to the Freshers Finalé
  • 10% off pick 'n' mix (in the Union Shop)
  • 10% off our Union Shop's free-from range (Nakd, TREK, Nine bars, sesame snaps, Eat Natural bars)
  • 10% off sketchbooks (From the Union Shop at Brit Mill)
  • 10% off electronics from our Union Shops (chargers, headphones, calculators)