Positive Minds Training

Positive Minds Training

Student Minds volunteer opportunity to be trained and then deliver the Positive Minds Training to students. DEADLINE 10TH MAY!

Wed 22 May 2019 09:00 - Thu 23 May 2019 17:00,

The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. The course has been developed using material from Students Against Depression which provides award-winning information and self-help resources

The theory behind this course goes something like this... when depression gets a foothold in your life, it can quickly take hold in the form of a series of mutually reinforcing habits. That is, when we let low mood hang around, it is easy to end up in a downward spiral. Depressed behaviour, in the form of avoidance and social withdrawal, reinforces depressed feelings and the lethargy that often accompanies depression. Whilst not a substitute for professional help, the strategies discussed on this course offer a starting point for doing what you can yourself to turn this spiral around or for preventing chronic stress or low mood from spiraling into depression.

We understand that students are often the first source of support for their peers and many students want to know how to appropriately support others. Since 2008 Student Minds have supported young people to offer encouragement to fellow students experiencing the challenges of university life, through structured peer support groups. Our groups are facilitated by trained student volunteers who ensure the conversations remain supportive and safe. These group facilitators are core to our organisation and by volunteering with Student Minds you’ll be at the forefront of our work to help improve student mental health.

Volunteering as a group facilitator will give you a unique opportunity to develop your skills, make a difference at university, boost your CV and gain experience in the field of mental health. You will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you feel knowledgeable, confident and skilled to deliver suitable and effective peer support on your campus.

We are looking to recruit facilitators for the Positive Minds Programme, at the University of Derby, that will be running throughout the year: http://www.studentminds.org.uk/peersupportgroups.html

This is a two day course and our next training dates are 22nd and 23rd May 9.00am - 5.00pm, at The University of Derby. DEADLINE IS 10TH MAY!

Please contact either Lynda Keir, L.Keir@derby.ac.uk, or Ruth Spencer, R.Spencer@derby.ac.uk if you have any queries.

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