Faith and Belief Month

Here at the Union of Students, we celebrate Faith and Belief month every April. Our aim is to raise awareness of the difference faiths of our students and to normalise celebrating our different beliefs.

Throughout the month, you can expect to see some Faith and Belief activity from our Sports clubs and societies, and we encourage all students to get involved in any of our Faith and Belief month events.

We aim create an environment of acceptance and understanding so that students can learn about the different faiths.

There are a number of religious societies that you can join – check them out on our societies page. If you don’t see a society that represents your faith, you can start your own! All you need is 15 like-minded students to start-up with you.

If you would like to share your Faith and Belief ideas or events with us, email your Vice President (Welfare).

People of Faith and Belief Events