Futures Award

As an elected or highly active member of the Union, you are an enterprising student volunteer. You innovate in your area of involvement and inspire those around you to develop.

This award recognises your involvement as a volunteer within the following roles:

  1. Union Sports committee member
  2. Union Societies committee member
  3. Programme or College Representative
  4. Part-Time Officer
  5. Achievers - Raise and Give, Phantom Media, or Advocate of the Union

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Peer Assisted Learning

We’re so excited to be leading on a new Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) pilot scheme next year! It will be for foundation year students in the College of Life and Natural Sciences and we are looking to recruit leaders from the same college.

PAL Stands for Peer Assisted Learning. This means learning with your ‘peers’ – other students – to talk through topics taught by your lecturers to better your understanding. PAL does not replace teaching and PAL Leaders are not teachers.

Find out more about the PAL pilot scheme