Celebrating Results Day Booze-free

From questioning whether 2020 was actually a real year or not, to thinking ‘how is it already August?’...comes the recurring but suspenseful Results Day.

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From questioning whether 2020 was actually a real year or not, to thinking ‘how is it already August?’...comes the recurring but suspenseful Results Day.

If there is one thing these past two years have taught us all is to stay optimistic for things in life have a knack for working themselves out.

You may have experienced that this very morning and are now thinking of ways to celebrate. The go-to options usually involve gathering with friends and family and commemorating the occasion with a few alcoholic drinks. Whilst that is fun and the best way for some to celebrate it is not for everyone.

Step one… OWN IT! Don’t let anyone pressurise you into thinking differently. There’s no need to make any excuses either. Your decision to celebrate without booze is perfectly fine. (Some would say better in fact)

Step two… MAKE A PLAN! ‘Going with the flow’ is a sure-fire way of you slipping back into old habits. This is your day! Why waste it by forgetting how you celebrated.

So, for the non-drinkers out there, do not worry, we have listed FIVE ways to celebrate your achievements with ease, no booze and off course… loads of fun!

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  1. Visit a bar that specialises in alcohol free parties! - YADA is a new upcoming venue located on Green Lane in Derby City Centre that sells a huge variety of alcohol-free alternative drinks. From alcohol-free beer on tap to non-alcoholic cocktails and even kombucha. If you want to celebrate with a small group of friends or family and don’t want to go home straight away, YADA is a great place to socialise, get some tasty drinks and relax in the company of people you love! You may even make some new friends, that could change the way you live out the next phase of your life!
  2. Have a games night with your friends and family. There are plenty of games you can play that don’t require you to drink. On the YADA website, we’ve made a list of the top 10 teetotal party games that you can enjoy to keep the high spirits going. Also great for the competitive individuals out there!
  3. Eat out! Go to your favourite restaurant or one you have never been to! There are plenty of new restaurants opening not just in Derby but in other cities too! Check out their drinks menu first and order yourself the fanciest sounding mocktail they offer. They don’t have any on the menu. Be bold, ask them to make you one. If drinking is not your style, do not ever feel the pressure to order an alcoholic beverage, there are always other delicious options!
  4. It may have been raining over the weekend, but the sun is always wanting to steal the limelight and when it does, why not have a booze-free BBQ! Check out YADA’s suggestions for a great tasting alcohol-free drinks perfect for any BBQ.
  5. The cinema is finally open again and the options are looking promising. If you have been a fan of any of the Purge, Conjuring, Fast and Furious movie series then you are in luck! What better way to rejoice great news than continuing one of your top films. Spoil yourself with a big bag of cinema popcorn, sweets and savoury snacks. After all, it has been a while!

Remember today is your day! No matter the outcome, you deserve some accolades on closing one chapter of your life and for moving on to the next exciting opportunities coming your way!

So, a massive congratulations from all the YADA team. We look forward to seeing you at a YADA event soon! Check us out on Instagram or head to our website, YADACollective.co.uk to find out more about celebrating, sober style!

This is only just the beginning…


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