Festive food donations urgently needed

Can you help support Derby's Food 4 Thought Alliance this Christmas?

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The Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance (DF4TA) was set up at the start of the COVID pandemic to help tackle the immediate food poverty crisis in Derby. DF4TA partner with the Community Hub and 11 food banks around Derby to provide a holistic approach to food support. Last Christmas they delivered food parcels to 850 children across Derby, easing the burden for a lot of families. This Christmas they want to be able to do the same.

DF4TA are asking for donations of food and treats to help them reach their target of providing a happy holiday for every family in Derby. Whilst it would be great if they could get everything on the list from every family, they are realistic and appreciate any help that can be given. There are around 250,000 people in Derby – if everyone gave just one item DF4TA would have 250,000 items to distribute.

The items that are donated must be of a quality you would be happy to receive – no broken/dented tins, out-of-date items, missing labels, etc.

We'll be setting up a collection point at Info Point, Kedleston Road and encourage all staff and students to have a clear out of your cupboards and donate to those in need. Item suggestions:

  1. Cereal, porridge, oatmeal – breakfast type items
  2. Tinned potatoes, instant mash
  3. Tinned vegetables – any variety
  4. Packet dessert – Dream Topping, Angel delight etc.
  5. Tinned hot meat – stews etc.
  6. Stuffing
  7. Biscuits
  8. Tinned or packet soup
  9. Mince pies, Christmas pudding – Christmassy desserts
  10. Crackers
  11. Tinned cold meat
  12. Cranberry Sauce, apple sauce, mint sauce – Christmas dinner type condiments.
  13. Pasta sauce
  14. Bread sauce
  15. Tinned tuna/fish
  16. Tinned chopped tomatoes
  17. Pasta, rice, spaghetti – dry or tinned in sauce
  18. A Christmas treat – chocolate coins, advent calendar, selection box
  19. Gravy
  20. Christmas baking kit – cookie decorating, gingerbread men etc.
  21. Jam
  22. Rice pudding
  23. Curry Sauce
  24. Tinned fruit – any variety
  25. Christmas crackers


Joanne Jennings
1:14pm on 14 Dec 21 HI Heather , is the collection point still open for donations or have I missed it?
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