An international student’s guide to moving countries

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An international student’s guide to moving countries

"Here it comes, moving to a totally different country with new people and its diverse culture. Does it all sound familiar to you? Well, keep reading! You will find out a few handy tips and tricks on how to handle this new and possibly scary situation. Let’s begin...

"I don’t know anyone."

There is nothing much more terrifying than being alone, especially in the new country! But don’t worry, there is always someone to talk to. What kind of hobby do you like to do? Because you can become a member of a club society! You will meet amazing people with the same interest as you. Did you know that the Union has more than 60 societies? I am sure you will choose at least one of those and love it!

If you rather prefer to meet new people before starting at university, you can find friends on the University or Union's Facebook. A lot of students whether they are returning or freshers, are looking for friends from their course. Moreover, they are giving advice, tips on where to go and what to visit during staying in Derby as well!

"I like exploring new things."

Are you one of the types of people who like to travel and be part of workshops? You are sorted! The International centre and student halls are organising a lot of cheap or free trips to visit, such as Liverpool, Oxford or cities with a beautiful history! Only thing you have to do is to keep an eye on social media profiles. Places run low very quickly! You don’t want to lose the chance to miss these amazing spots, do you?! Check out the Union's free Night at the Museum for some culture and great exhibitions.

If you are more of a creative person, there are activities, such as baking, cookery classes or quizzes in Freshers fortnight. Most of these activities are held in the Student Halls or the Academy bar.

"I don’t speak English that well."

Do you know the feeling when you think you know English? Yeah? Good. However, I would like to warn you a bit. English people talk quickly. Sometimes really quickly, especially when you add an accent with it, you are lost. But don’t worry, you will get used to it. At first ask them if they can speak a little bit slower or repeat it again. Most people are fine with that and they understand. You don’t have to be ashamed about asking them. Besides, there is a lot of international students who have the same or similar problem but in a few weeks, you will be alright!

Moreover, there are free English classes with a lovely teacher. She will teach you how to be a pro at doing references, writing and speaking for your assignments and presentations as well. More info here:

You can do it!

I chose these three most important things, which are common with moving to a different country. Obviously, each of us is different and is afraid of something else. Either way, don’t forget that you are not alone here! When you need some help, just pop into the International centre, talk with your personal tutor or the Union's Advice team and they'll make sure it will be alright. I am sure you will make the most of it and make a lot of wonderful memories while studying at the university!

Good luck!"

Marketa is going into her third year of Marketing, PR and Advertising and is originally from Czech Republic 

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