By-Elections Results 2020

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The winners of the Main Elections 20/21 pose on stage at the results ceremony

The campaigning has stopped, the votes have been cast. To each and every one of you who stood for a role, campaigned, or voted we want to say a huge thank you. Thank you for being a part of this and thank you for helping to shape the future of the University of Derby. You have all made such a huge difference.

Your new officers

Below is the list of winners for each position elected in this year's By-Elections.

Part Time Officer Positions Winner
Part Time Officer (Mature Students) Lizzie Ward
Part Time Officer (Buxton Education HE) Sam Bradley
Part Time Officer (Gender) Wayne Christian McFarland

Inspired to get involved yourself? We still have a few positions that remain vacant after the By-Elections:

  • Part Time Officer (Part Time Students)
  • Part Time Officer (Chesterfield Education)
  • Part Time Officer (Humanities & Journalism)
  • Part Time Officer (Faith & Belief)
  • Part Time Officer (Derby Theatre)

If you are interested in these positions you can find out more about applying soon!

Results Breakdowns

Below are the STV breakdowns for each position in this election. You can see how/if the STV transfers affected the outcome of each position.

Valid votes: 37, Initial Quota: 15.5
Part Time Officer (Mature Students) Stage 1 Result
Lizzie Ward 20 Elected at Stage 1
Manny Sandhu 16  
Re-Open Nominations 1  
Non-Transferrable Differences 0  
Valid votes: 38, Initial Quota: 19
Part Time Officer (Buxton Education HE) Stage 1 Result
Sam Bradley 38 Elected at Stage 1
Re-Open Nominations 0  
Non-Transferrable Differences 0  
Valid votes: 35, Initial Quota: 17.5
Part Time Officer (Gender) Stage 1 Result
Wayne Christian McFarland 22 Elected at Stage 1
Angelika Witasik 12  
Re-Open Nominations 1  
Non-Transferrable Differences 0  


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