Covid-19 - Update from your Union

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Your Union President standing in front of the University building

As we head into the Easter weekend, we wanted to say thank you for your patience, understanding, energy and commitment over what has been an unprecedented few weeks for us all. The way the entire University community has reacted and adapted to the situation says everything about our students, our Union of Students and all the staff at Derby, demonstrating that our foundations are built upon the right attitudes, behaviours and values.

We have had to move at pace through this period and, as always, the Union of Students and the University have been working collaboratively to ensure we are championing the student voice, and we have been supporting and representing students daily.

Many decisions have been made, and through the engagement and input of our student representation we have ensured the needs of students have been at the heart of our decision making. Student feedback has been gathered across all channels and shared with the University, helping shape the no detriment policy that has been put in place. This policy aims to safeguard your opportunity to succeed and has been a powerful student-led change across the institution.

Student representatives, including your Officer Team and Part-Time Officers, have been working collaboratively with University leadership to inform decisions made around teaching, access to resources and challenges that students told us that they were facing. Decisions to waive third term payments in student accommodation, improvement of online learning resources, access to computers and provision of additional wellbeing services have all been shaped by student feedback.

During this extraordinary period in our lives, it's so important that all our students feel supported, so they can continue to succeed with no detriment to their assessments. The Union of Students and the University are committed to ensuring we continue to put students at the forefront of decisions being made.

Although challenging for us all, we are determined that when we look back on these difficult-times we can be proud of how we have worked together and managed our way through.

Thank you once more, and we wish you all a well-deserved Easter break.

Kind regards,
Daniella Quill, President of the Union of Students
Professor Kathryn Mitchell, Vice-Chancellor


Faizu Umar Ahmad
7:20pm on 16 Apr 20 Hi, Just an enquiry for those of us leaving outside the school accommodation and can not work to pay up our accommodation fees. what do we do?
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