Early bird? Night owl? Extended opening hours are in operation

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Following your feedback - we have been working really hard with University staff to implement extended opening times. We know that having access to specific learning resources and spaces is crucial to your time at University.

The main buildings at Markeaton Street, Britannia Mill and Kedleston Road sites will be open from 6am to 1am during teaching weeks from the start of this term. This will include access to computer labs such as those on B2 at Kedleston Road and the Bloomberg Room. Please note, this is main buildings only and currently doesn't include workshops e.g. Kirtley building and the Sports Centre.

To accompany the new extended opening times, there is a new Number 3 Unibus, timetable available here.

The Union of Students and staff at your University want to celebrate this win with you and we hope you take full advantage of the extended opening times.

The Security Team work around the clock and make regular foot patrols across all our sites, which are also covered by CCTV.  If you have any further concerns about your safety on site, please contact Security on 01332 591777 or if you're in immediate danger please call 999.

Open spaces:

Kedleston Road

B block

B118, B206, B207, B210, B214, B222, B223, B224, B225, B226, B228

T block

T009, T013, T110, T115, T125

Markeaton Street

Editing suites - MS123A, MS123B, MS123C, MS123D, MS147

Music rehearsal rooms - MS218B, 219A, MS219C

Multi-Channel/ surround sound development - MS216

Audio technology - MS217, MS241

Music production - MS218A, MS219B, MS219D

Recording studios - MS145 (2 Studios and 3 Post Production Rooms).

TV studio - MS145 (not Gallery or Green Screen Room).

Radio stations - MS114i, MS114ii, MS114iii.

Photography studios - MS007, MS008

Photography dark room processes - MS006 (various, some processes restricted)

Base rooms/studios - Graphics (MS012), Animation (MS101 & MS101A), Product Design (MS202), Post Graduate Studies (MS200), Collaborative Studio (MS111), Journalism/Media (MS114)

PC/Mac labs

The STEM Annex with the exception of the entire ground floor:

MS131 Geotechnics

MS127 Manufacturing Automation

MS134 Makerspace

Motorsport and other workshops

Brit Mill

Base Room/ Studios - Illustration (BM316, BM315), Interior Design (BM314, BM315).

Brit Mill Sheds (Subject to confirmation on opening hours/security)

Fine Art/ Year 0 Studios

Shed 1, Shed 2


(Shed 3 - certain processes and equipment not available)

Print Studio

Shed 4


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