Eight individuals receive Honorary Life Membership

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Each year, the Union awards Honorary Life Membership to students who have gone the extra mile during their time at the University of Derby, making an outstanding contribution to the Union and representing the interests of University of Derby students on a regular basis. Honorary Life Membership is a great way to honour someone who has worked really hard and who students nominate to receive this exclusive award as recognition for all they’ve done.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that the following individuals received Honorary Life Membership at this month's Scrutiny Panel:

  • Daniella Quill
  • Samira Mensah
  • Melanie Welaratne
  • Faye Davies
  • Emma Rodrigues
  • Jade Nixon
  • Ash Harker
  • Georgia Mantle

Congratulations to all of this year's recipients!

Honorary Life Membership to the Union of Students is awarded to a maximum of five students (Officer Trustees are considered separately) who have really gone above and beyond.

With Honorary Life Membership comes many benefits. Those awarded are continued to be entitled to become a member of any Union Sports Club or Society, participate in the Union’s organised events, and use the Union’s bars and clubs at the discretion of the organising committees or license holders after their studies have concluded. Honorary Life Members also get a vote at the Annual General Meetings.



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