Elections 2021 - How to vote

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Students wearing Elections t-shirts

The Union of Students is a democratic organisation to represent the students of the University of Derby. To do this, we have to elect students into officer and representative positions with specific tasks in order to best represent our members. The Elections give you the opportunity to vote fellow students into positions to represent you across the University of Derby. There are a variety of positions, focussing on a range of topics including academic, sports, societies, liberation and more.

How it works

All you need to do is login to the Union of Students website, go to the elections page, and you’re ready to vote. Remember, you don't have to vote for all positions at once, you can come back and vote as many times as you like during the voting period. Also, as we use STV voting, you get to rank candidates for each role in order of preference – that means if your first choice can't win, your vote will transfer to your second choice (and so on).

Not only that, but as a thank-you for voting, we are automatically entering all voters in to a free prize draw to win one of our fantastic prizes:

  • A Nintendo Switch Lite bundle with your choice of colour, game, online membership, and accessory!
  • A Spotify & Headspace six month subscription
  • A free year of TOTUM membership (five available)


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