End of College of Engineering and Technology project

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The E&T College Project Draws to a Close..an Intern's perspective


"This summer the Union of Students have been working with the College of Engineering and Technology and the University of Derby on a project which was to help support the College and to grab people’s interest by using engaging social media content.

The Union put together a series called ‘What Happens When’ which included the following four episodes:

Each of the episodes used equipment that can be located at Markeaton Street which is used by the students of the College of Engineering and Technology. By showcasing these facilities for the videos, it allowed for the production of innovative, fun and engaging content which had emphasis on showcasing the College’s remarkable equipment.

From a marketing intern perspective, after studying a MSc in Marketing Management here at the University the internship has allowed me to expand and progress my knowledge and experience of marketing in a real-life setting. I have really enjoyed carrying out marketing research, social media research and pulling together all of the content organisation and information to post on social media for the episodes.

The most successful video to date is the Car vs Falcon video which brings together the excitement of racing the world’s fastest animal against a student-built formula race car. Posting such exciting and humorous content has allowed for the Union and the University to relay media on the basis of being fun but still information driven.

After a successful couple of months and as this project draws to a close, I would like to thank the Union’s marketing team for allowing me the opportunity to work with them, the University’s Digital team for helping to expand the reach of this project and to Warren Manning (Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology, @DerbyUniDeanET) and Louise Pigden (Deputy Dean for the College, @elouisepigden) for working with us and supporting the project."

All episodes can be viewed on the Union's Facebook page.

Written by Jac, The Union of Students’ (awesome) Marketing Intern

MASSIVE THANKS TO: College of Engineering and Technology staff and students, University's Digital team, James Bosson, Matt Gilooly, Ben Martin, Ben Sams, James Naughton and Falconry Experiences.


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