Extraordinary Scrutiny Panel - Who, What, Where and Why?

Here's everything you need to know about our upcoming Extraordinary Scrutiny Panel on Thursday 25th January from 11:00am – 12:00pm.

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A group of students sat in a lecture hall listening to someone speak.

An Extraordinary Scrutiny Panel is similar to the regular Scrutiny Panels that are called four times during the academic year. This is a meeting where a panel of students with elected roles within the Union come together to discuss the agenda items.

We are calling an Extraordinary Scrutiny Panel on Thursday 25th January from 11:00am – 12:00pm as we have a Student Trustee candidate, and have received personal statements from two students interested in vacant Student Officer positions, and we are calling the Online Learners Officer to give a report due to concerns that have been expressed on their engagement.

All University of Derby students are invited to attend this meeting, which will be held online, and have the opportunity to ask questions. At the end of the panel the panellists will stay in a closed session to vote on whether to co-opt the candidates into the roles.

If you are in an elected student role and are interested in becoming a panellist please email alexa.toms@derbyunion.co.uk. Elected Union roles are:

  • Student Officers
  • Student Reps
  • Members of the Sports Council
  • Members of the Societies Council
  • Executive Committee Members of Student-Led Services
  • Members of Sports Club Committees
  • Members of Society Committees

The Executive Officers will not be called to present their progress reports during the Extraordinary Scrutiny Panel but will do this during the next scheduled Scrutiny Panel on Tuesday 13th February.