Honorary Life Memberships Awarded

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Honorary Life Membership to the Union of Students is one of our most prestigious rewards, given only to a very select few students who, in their time at the University of Derby, have made an outstanding contribution to the Union of Students and have represented the interests of Derby students on a regular basis.

Honorary Life Membership to the Union of Students is our way of recognising, honouring and thanking those remarkable students who have really gone the extra mile and shown dedication, drive and commitment to an exceptional degree.

When a student is awarded Honorary Life Membership, they are entitled to become a member of any Union Sports Club or Union Society, participate in the Union’s organised events, use the Union’s bar and attend the Annual General Meeting after they have graduated. They will also receive a pin badge to recognise their membership.

There were only four Memberships awarded this year which just goes to show how significant it is to receive this special honour.

Just a few weeks ago, a link went out to students where they could submit who they thought should receive Honorary Life Membership and why.  We received so many nominations this year which really serves to show not only how many wonderful students we have here at Derby, but also how many students wanted to recognise the hard work of their peers – such a pleasing thing to see!

Those students who were nominated were considered during a special portion of the Scrutiny Panel on 8th May, where elected representatives of the Union considered the merits of each nomination, and then finally voted to approve the final four who were to receive the memberships.

So, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that the students who received Honorary Life Membership this year are:-

Lukas Hosala

Noa McAlistair

Juliet Marvin

Kelly Hellen-Hitchcock

A huge congratulations to those incredible four who received the membership this year. What an amazing achievement – we really hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are!

We really hope to see just as many hardworking and supportive faces next year, we were so fortunate to have so very many this year, and who knows, maybe next time it will be your name featuring on the winners list!


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