Remember to 'Tap In'

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For this academic year, the University are introducing a new system for attendance monitoring.  Previously, your attendance would have been taken by your lecturer using a hand held bar code scanner. The University have now installed card readers in the vast majority of our teaching spaces, and you’ll use these to ‘Tap In’ to record your attendance.  It’s important that you have your student ID card with you at all times, as your attendance won’t be recorded unless you ‘Tap In’.

 Take a look at the University's FAQs for more information:



How does my attendance get taken?

Most teaching spaces will have a card reader placed near the entrance of the classroom/lecture theatre. You’ll need to tap your University of Derby ID card against the card reader when you arrive at the session, you’ll hear a beep if your card has been successfully recognised.

Make sure you take your ID card out of your wallet or purse to avoid confusion with other contactless cards you may have.

We’ll be giving out lanyards and card holders for all students so that it’s easier for you to keep your card safe and with you. 

What happens if I lose my card?

Your ID card is your unique gateway to access student study and support services, if it’s lost and you’re based in Derby you’ll need to go to the Learning Centre to be issued with a new card as soon as possible. If you’re based in Buxton please go to the Student Centre Buxton room DO/109.  There may be a charge for a replacement card.

I’ve forgotten my card, what do I do?

Inform your lecturer at the end of your timetabled session or send that specific member of staff an email as soon as possible to let them know. 

Do I have to queue to get into the lecture theatre to ‘Tap In’?

In our bigger teaching spaces, we’ve installed more than one card reader.  It only takes a second to ‘Tap In’ and hear the bleep.  We aren’t expecting it to delay the start of teaching or to have queues to do it.

What happens if I’m late – does that mean I can’t Tap In?

No, you should still ‘Tap In’, but the system will record you as ‘Late’ (but still having attended) if you ‘Tap In’ more than 15 minutes after the session is meant to start.

What happens if we have a break during our lecture?  Do I have to ‘Tap In’ again?

Not usually – it depends whether the session is timetabled with a break.  Your lecturer will guide you on whether they want you to ‘Tap In’ again.

They’ll be able to see who’s not turned up after the break!

Can someone else ‘Tap In’ in for me if I know I’m going to be late?

Absolutely not!  This is your attendance data, and your ID card.  Do not give your ID card to anyone else – if someone else uses your card to ‘Tap In’, this is a breach of University regulations and may be liable to disciplinary action.

Lecturers will be able to see ‘Tap Ins’ against student photos and will notice if someone’s card has been tapped in without them being there!

My card won't work, what do I do?

We aren’t expecting cards not to work, but if you think that your attendance isn’t being collected, and you’re based in Derby you’ll need to go to the Library to be issued with a new card as soon as possible. If you’re based in Buxton please go to the Student Centre Buxton DO/109.

What do I do if there’s no card reader in the room?

There are a few rooms where we’ve not been able to install a reader.  If there’s no card reader in the room your lecturer should have a hand held card scanner ready to scan your card or they’ll use the system to manually check you in.

What do I do if I know I can't attend because of illness or another reason?

If you’re ill you’ll need to fill out an absence form at

What happens if I don't attend for a period of time?

Research shows that good attendance has a direct impact on success on a module.  Missing sessions may mean that you’re missing out on important information which might be crucial to you completing the module successfully. The University will contact you to invite you to explain your non-attendance circumstances in order to work with you to help you succeed in your studies. Consistent non-attendance and non-engagement can lead to your withdrawal from your programme.

Can I see my own attendance data?

You’ll have access to this in future, in the meantime you can still email to request your personal attendance data if you wish.

Why have you changed systems?

The new system is much more robust, and it means that our academic staff can concentrate on teaching rather than spending time scanning cards.


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