The Dome Shop closure

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Over the summer period we announced our decision to close the Dome shop at the Buxton campus. The Union had operated as shop in this space for over 12 years, however during more recent years it had struggled to cover running costs and had incurred substantial losses, losses that were predicted to continue moving forward. Over previous years we had committed to running the shop for little or no profit, the scale of losses in this year and previously, gave us cause to review the shops activities with the decision to close following this.  As part of the decision making process we held discussions with some of our members that highlighted multiple products that students wanted to be made available for purchase elsewhere. Over the summer we worked hard with the University and their catering team to ensure that the following products were made available for purchase through the outlets located on the Dome floor and in the Balcony Café:

  • Confectionary items, snacks and drinks.
  • Sandwiches and grab and go items from Ginsters. 
  • The variety of meal deal offers that were available.

Alongside ensuring these popular products remained available and accessible, the Union is striving to make the other supplies that you need available from our offices on the Dome floor. With this in mind we will be giving away free sanitary supplies to all students on request. We are also working hard to ensure you can purchase a variety of different stationary supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils from the office and we will be announcing details shortly. In order to help us implement these and future changes important for us to capture your opinions so we can work collectively on making the changes required at the Buxton campus. We would invite any student wishing to share these ideas and discuss them in more detail to come along to our tea and talk session with Abby, our Union President on Monday 19th November between 10-12pm in the Dome.


Emily Pearsall
7pm on 22 Oct 18 I think as a Buxton student it’s not what the removal of the Union shop is. It’s what is represents, we as a campus are getting countless facilities revoked as other campuses such as Kedleston Road seem to be getting more. Seems rather unfair as we all pay the same tuition fees.
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