Union Awards 2016 Winners!

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Welfare and Liberation Awards

Welfare Contributor(s) to the Community
Student Action for Refugees Society
Welfare Campaign of the Year
Elephant in the Room (Student Minds contribution)
Outstanding Contribution to Welfare and Liberation
Ryan Holford

Education Awards

Programme Representative of the Year
Catherine Starr
Emma Ward
College Representative of the Year
Simon-Lewis Menzies

Phantom Media Awards

Phantom Media Feature of Year
Elections Results Night Coverage (Phantom Media and Phantom Events)
Phantom Radio Show of the Year
Verbal Discharge
The Phantom Contributor of Year
Grace Suszek
Commitment to Media
Dan Clarkson

Union Societies Awards

Best Inter Society Collaboration
Geography and Geology
Buxton Society of the Year
Most Charitable Society
Anime and Manga
New Society of the Year
Union Societies’ Personality of the Year
Keith Flint
Committee of the Year
Event of the Year
Generation Green for the EU Event featuring Natalie Bennett
Society of the Year

Raise & Give and Union Volunteers Awards

Challenge Event Volunteer of the Year
James Nagra
RAG Project of the Year
RAG Committee for the Puppy Room
RAG Volunteer of the Year
Louise Jakes
Volunteer of the Year
Aimee Sutton

Students’ Union Awards

Student Led Service of the Year
Phantom Media
Students’ Union Development Award
Chantelle Fallaize
Union Personality of the Year Award
Gabriel Carey-Phillips
Student Unionist of the Year
Victoria Spink
Students’ Union Honours
Craig Picton
Dale Thompson
David Jackson
Kieran Andrews
Lorna Budd
Luke Acott


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