WhoSatWhere...when what?!

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From Monday 19 October, the University of Derby is launching WhoSatWhere? - a system which you will use to enter which room you’re in and the desk you’re sat at. This will be recorded securely and stored in line with our strict data governance rules. This means they will then know exactly who has, and who has not, been in close contact with someone who has later tested positive.

Close contact means you have been closer than 2 metres to someone for 15 minutes or more.

If you receive information from us advising you to self-isolate, you will then know it is because you have been in close contact with someone who has later tested positive for Covid-19.

How does it work?

It is a simple and straightforward process to follow.

Step 1

When you arrive in the room for your taught class on site you should make sure you’ve ‘Tapped In’ to record your attendance. This is really important.

Step 2

Once you’ve sat down, open UDo and look for the WhoSatWhere? tile:

Step 3

The room you’re in should be already displayed based on the information from your timetable.

If the room displayed is not the room you’re in, you can type over it to put the correct information in.

Each desk should have a label on it, with a reference number. The desk could be a number (1, 2 or 3) or if may be a letter and a number (A1, A2, A3), depending how the room is set out.

Please enter the number of the desk you’re sat at in the box that says, ‘Which Desk?’.

Then press the Submit button and that’s it, you’re all done. You’ll then get a message thanking you.


What happens if an error message occurs?

It is possible that when you submit the information, you may get an error message. If this happens, close the app, check you’re connected to Eduroam WiFi or 3G/4G and try again. If the same thing happens again, follow the manual process mentioned in the next question.

What happens if I don't have a phone or a device me to access UDo?

No problem. If you don’t have a phone or device with you, just tell your lecturer and ask that they record where you’ve sat. You should try and do this at the start of the class. This will ensure you’ve been registered and you don’t have to worry about not being able to do it yourself.

What happens if I can’t see the UDo tile?

If you can’t see the tile, we recommend that you log out and back in again to refresh UDo. You may also need to clear your cache or uninstall/re-install the DerbyUni app for the tile to appear. If you are still unable to see the tile, follow the manual process mentioned in the question above

What about NHS Test & Trace? Won’t they tell me if I have been in close contact with a confirmed case?

If you and the person who has later tested positive both have the NHS Covid-19 app, or if they have given details to the NHS about the places they have been and the people they have been in close contact with, you may also get a call from NHS Test & Trace, telling you to self-isolate. As not all students will know the names of the people, they have sat close to, we are putting this system in place to identify only those who are genuine close contacts, reducing the need for a whole class to self-isolate.

If you have any questions, please let the Student and Graduate Experience team know at students@derby.ac.uk


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