Basecamp - your newest sustainable social space

Basecamp - your brand new social space at Kedleston Road - was designed with sustainability at its heart.

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When designing a new space on campus, the Union and the University were committed to finding sustainable solutions throughout the ambitious project plan. Working together with Overbury Plc, the final result has received overwhelmingly positive feedback - and we can share the statements below with pride:

All carpet used within Basecamp was manufactured using renewable electricity, contains 59% - 69% total recycled materials and are all carbon neutral.

The company that manufacturers the acoustic raft suspended above in front of the servery counter is a net-zero carbon organisation and the product installed in Basecamp is manufactured from 60% recycled polyester.

The high level white circular acoustic rafts consist of recovered household glass and recycled glass fibre.

The fabric range used throughout the space is made from 100% recycled materials, saving virgin raw materials, reducing waste to landfill and minimising our damage to the environment; and is made using sustainable manufacturing techniques, including green electricity, comprehensive energy and effluent management, borehole water and on-going waste saving initiatives.

Any metal waste generated during manufacture of the stage mesh ceiling tiles and during on-site installation has been recycled, resulting in no waste to landfill. The metal punchings are also made into ballast and counterweight products which is more beneficial to the environment than melting down for re-use elsewhere.

All laminates used in Basecamp come from FSC® CERTIFIED sources.

The fabric used to re-upholstered existing booth seating is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from used plastic bottles.

Add to that, the fact that we will not be serving drinks in disposable cups - opting for beautiful new ceramics, we serve our jams/spreads in glass jars, have no plastic drinks bottles available for purchase. Coming soon, our twelve new picnic benches on the decking outside have also saved an incredible 24,000 plastic milk bottles from going to landfill!

Martin Beaumont, Head of Operations, adds;

"We put Basecamp together with student feedback at the forefront of the project plan, and knowing how passionate the student community is about green initiatives, recycling and climate change, meant that we could open the doors with a clear conscious - having worked with a dedicated team of innovative professionals to deliver a stunning, sustainable space."

Basecamp is open Monday - Friday at Kedleston Road, with a brand new Blends counter - serving a range of hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, and food.


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