Blends Coffee Shop: our values

Along with a brand refresh, we've taken a look at why Blends is so special

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No two Blends outlets are the same, but you can trust that you’ll always get great, friendly service, high quality products and amazing value for money. Every penny you spend is reinvested into the student experience, making Blends the feel-good choice on campus.


Working with suppliers to meet our sustainability goals; we aim to offer you seasonal specials and everyday essentials using responsibly sourced ingredients from environmentally focussed partners. We never charge extra for plant-based milks, and always encourage you to utilise reusable cups.


Whether you rely on Blends for your morning wake up call, or you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat between lectures – our product range is inclusive of dietary requirements, affordable and ready in minutes. With outlets at Kedleston Road, One Friar Gate Square and Markeaton Street; we are where you need us, when you need us. We know each campus community is different, and we’ll work with our customers to tailor our range to specific needs or preferences where possible – making it easy for you to focus on your studies.


Our commitment to creating employment opportunities for student staff and developing them into confident team leaders and supervisors means that you will always receive a friendly, welcoming, personalised service. Our training allows our baristas to make suggestions – perhaps try a new syrup or pair your espresso with a pastry for a continental mid-week treat! We also love to reward loyalty and have a scheme in place to enjoy one free drink per six purchased.


Our prices are reflective of our student customer; and we are committed to delivering quality products at competitive, comfortable prices. We know that sharing is caring, and love to see people ‘buying a round’ in Blends. We hope that our prices continue to support this culture – whether you wake up with a Blends, chill out with a Blends, celebrate with a Blends, smash a deadline with a Blends or just fancy a cuppa and a chat.


Our baseline menu is akin to that of any other artisan coffee shop – your favourite drinks, made however you like them best. Whatever size, sweetness, temperature, and taste; we’ve got you covered. If you want a frothier coffee, let us know - want to try it on ice? We’ll give it a go! Our sandwiches, traybakes, light bites and biscuits allow you to turn a quick coffee into a refuelling session – ready for whatever the rest of the day (on or off campus) has in store for you.


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