Tension Boils Over as Derby 3rds Defeat Derby 4ths

Derby Men’s 3rds 2-0 Derby Men’s 4ths.

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Derby Men’s 3rds 2-0 Derby Men’s 4ths 

Derby University Men’s 3rds managed to secure a 2-0 win against Derby Men’s 4ths with goals from Lewis Smith and Adam Blair-Park.

Derby Men’s 3rds fought hard against Derby Men’s 4ths as the tension gets the better of the players early in the match.

Derby 4ths number 11 Nathan Banks put in a slide tackle against the keeper which had caused Derby 3rds to protest loudly for the referee to act.

However, multiple players got into an altercation in the 30th minute and saw them get separated but no cards seemed to be given out.

The agitation even carried into the second half where Derby 4ths Denzel and Derby 3rds Ben wood got into a dispute.

The match only saw three yellow cards distributed throughout the game despite the scrappiness of the match.

The first goal by number 11 Smith saw the forward put the ball past the keeper into the bottom corner in the 63rd minute.

The second goal saw Number 14 Blair-Park capitalise on a mistake by Derby 4ths keeper Akash and stick the ball into an open net in the 87th minute.

Derby 3rds’ next fixture will see them away from home against Leicester on the 28th of February.