A Final Message From Your Executive Officers

With the year coming to an end, we wanted to leave you with one final message.

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The Executive Officers (in order of appearance: Holly, Dom, Gabby and Jack) lying on the floor cover

With the year coming to an end, we wanted to leave you with one final message.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first term in office and would like to thank students and staff for contributing to a great semester. Next year brings a multitude of exciting events and opportunities that we look forward to sharing with you, so make sure you follow our social media channels and keep an eye on the Union website to stay up to date with our events in 2024! Through hard work, passion and determination, we have achieved a lot in this first semester and we are looking forward to building on this when we return in the new term.

As we dive headfirst into the winter holidays, remember to take a deep breath and appreciate the importance of hitting pause. University life can be a relentless rollercoaster, with deadlines, exams, and the constant hum of academic hustle. This winter break isn't just a chance to catch up on sleep (though that's crucial, too!). It's a great opportunity to recharge our mental batteries, reconnect with friends and family, and rediscover the joys that often get buried under textbooks. Stepping away from the books for a bit doesn't mean slacking off—it's a strategic move. A breather now ensures we'll come back stronger, more focused, and ready to tackle whatever the next semester throws our way.

Holly Lloyd (Vice President Education)

December is always filled with celebration. And that’s always important, especially when looking back on all of the difficulties everyone has overcome through their own efforts. But it’s always important to remember to keep a look out for one another. At this time of the year, some people can feel isolated, so reach out to someone, see how they’re doing. A little bit of talking can go a long way. It’s also important that when you are out celebrating with others, and even more so if they are drinking, that you keep safe. Make sure that you have enough water if you are drinking alcohol (it’s recommended by Aquasana that you drink 1 glass of water per 1 glass of alcohol) and plan your transport back to where you are staying.

Jack McGuinness (Vice President Welfare)

As we wrap up the year and dive into the holiday festivities, let's raise a glass to the importance of staying connected—both to the Union of Students that binds us and the awesome student community around us. In the spirit of holiday season, let's keep those connections strong. As the clock ticks down on this year, let's remember that staying united, understanding each other, and having each other's backs are the real gifts we can give. So, here's to the bonds that keep us together, the laughs that make it all worthwhile, and the shared experiences that define us. Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to staying connected and embracing the exciting times ahead!

Dominic White (President)

The holiday season is a time for celebration, relaxation, and indulgence. But it doesn't mean we have to completely abandon our health habits and active lifestyle. In fact, staying active during the Christmas break can help us maintain our energy levels, manage stress, feel our best. Gather your loved ones and go for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, it's a great way to bond with family and friends while getting some fresh air and exercise. Turn up the holiday tunes and have a dance party in your living room, put your favourite Christmas playlist on and getting yourself moving. Check out the Just Move webpage for some 'Just Move For Fun' digital challenges. Don't let the holiday season be an excuse to neglect your health and fitness goals. By incorporating these festive activities into your Christmas break, you can stay active, have fun, and make lasting memories.

Gabriela Gretkowska (Vice President Activities)

We can't wait to see you in 2024!


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